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Peace Journey to The Hague

Day 6 - 18 April 2015

Driving in from the airport in Bucharest the evening before, we had glimpsed this large poster which with the dove and "World Peace" seemed an auspicious sign. 

An omen in Bucharest

Advertising a model united nations conference at the university 

Then three encounters gave further hope:

Firstly, we ten WILPF women from Australia and New Zealand gathered for our first meal altogether on our peace journey from Istanbul to Den Hague. As we paused for a photo, with the New Zealanders’ sign, " Women Say No To War”", we were asked by a man at a nearby table if he could take the group photo on his phone too, because "women in Israel say no to war, too."

A male supporter in Bucharest

back row - trish, our supporter moshe from israel, karen, june stella.  seated - janette, del C, Ruth R, Ruth C.  Del R behind the camera as usual 

Secondly, Trish met three Londoners, told them (of course) about the Peace Journey and WILPF, to discover that the woman had heard of WILPF at a talk at her local Women’s Institute about WILPF, the Centenary Conference and the "Women’s power to stop war" campaign. One of the men with her added, with emphasis, "Men want to stop war, too!".

Thirdly, four of the group were at Bran Castle asked a couple to take a photo of them with the poster and the kiwi. Again, the man said: we men also don’t like war.

It is heartening to hear this support for our cause and our Peace Journey.

Ruth’s reflection

In the English Language newspaper today, the front page article included the following: “Romanian authorities should improve their dialogue with civil society” and “The overall responsibility of the EU and the Romanian government is to provide young people with a vision of peace and prosperity”.

In the centre of the main boulevard is a large neon lit installation of brightly coloured flowers to welcome spring, with the major sculpture celebrating musicians. Tucked away at the side is a single soldier with a gun – quite a contrast to Canberra which has 37 war memorial and no peace monuments.

Flowers in Bucharest Musicians in Bucharest


WILPF logo
 "There is no way to peace; peace is the way."  
Edith Greene Balch, founding member of WILPF and Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1946.