What WILPF wants in a Foreign Policy White Paper

WILPF made a submission to the development of Australia's new Foreign Policy White Paper in March 2017.

We also wrote to all the Australian ambassadors who are back in Australia for a forum on the White Paper.  Our letters were sent on WILPF Centenary cards.


The letter to the Ambassadors

Your Excellency,

On behalf of the Australian Section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, the oldest women's peace organisation in the world with sections in 42 countries, I would like to welcome you back to Australia for participation in the development of Australia’s new Foreign Policy White Paper.

As a representative of Australia, no doubt you are concerned to achieve the best possible outcomes not only for Australia but also for those countries you are assigned to.

WILPF has submitted a response to the Foreign Policy White Paper and we urge you look at our paper and consider our recommendations.

We are concerned about the limited implementation of UNSCR1325 resolution on Women Peace and Security. Behind its adoption lies more than 100 years of women working around the globe for sustainable peace. Women can - and do - play a significant role in conflict prevention, yet they are receiving insufficient support.

We are also concerned about Australia's strategic policy reliance on the US alliance, US military power and on the accompanying nuclear deterrent for our security, rather than seeking to work cooperatively with all our neighbours. WILPF Australia sees as critical a reduction in arms generally and a ban on nuclear weapons specifically, as currently being negotiated at the United Nations.

We urge you to help forge a Foreign Policy that will be the best that an Australian ethos can bring to the international community to achieve a peaceful world.