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Invest in Peace International Campaigns

PeaceWomen is a WILPF international project based in WILPF's United Nations (UN) office in New York.

The PeaceWomen project promotes the role of women in preventing conflict, and the equal and full participation of women in all efforts to create and maintain international peace and security.

PeaceWomen facilitates monitoring of the UN system, information sharing and the enabling of meaningful dialogue for positive impact on women’s lives in conflict and post-conflict environments.

PeaceWomen advances WILPF’s aims by monitoring and advocating for the rapid and full implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolutions on women, peace and security: UNSCR 1325 [link] (2000) and the subsequent UNSCR 1820 (2008); UNSCR 1888 (2009); UNSCR 1889 (2009); and UNSCR 1960 (2010).

PeaceWomen focuses on six core areas of action:

  • monitoring the UN Security Council’s implementation of SCR1325
  • providing a comprehensive online information source on women, peace and security
  • monitoring the UN system’s implementation of SCR1325
  • advocating for the rapid and full implementation of SCR 1325 and related resolutions
  • managing the translation initiative
  • general outreach related to women, peace and security

Find out more about the work of PeaceWomen on their website


Invest in Peace In Australia

Monitoring the Australian National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security 2012-2018

The seconReport Card of the Civil Society Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security was launched in Canberra in April 2015.

Read the Report and Annexures.

In March 2015, WILPF Australia submitted a report on the Australian civil society engagement with government on the NAP as a case study to the UN Global Study on Women, Peace and Security

The first Report Card of the Civil Society Dialogue on Women, Peace and Securitywaslaunched in Canberra in October 2013.

Development of the National Action Plan

In March 2012, the Australian Government introduced the Australian National Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security 2012-2018 (NAP) as a framework for a coordinated, whole-of-government approach to implementing UNSCR 1325.

WILPF Australia was instrumental in persuading the government to develop the NAP and is now focussed on monitoring its effective implementation.

WILPF, UN Women Australia, and the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) agreed to implement a monitoring process by hosting an annual Civil Society Dialogue on Women Peace and Security and preparing an annual Report Card on the National Action Plan.

On 15 April 2013, the first Annual Civil Society Dialogue on the NAP was held in Canberra, co-hosted by ACFID, WILPF, UN Women and the Australian National University Gender Institute, to:

  • showcase the contribution of civil society organisations to the women, peace and security agenda;
  • facilitate effective dialogue between civil society and the Australian Government on women, peace and security;
  • support shadow reporting against the Australian National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security; and
  • elevate the national discussion on women, peace and security.


Peacewomen Awards

For the past five years, WILPF Queensland’s Peacewomen Awards have recognised the talents and dedication of women whose activities have promoted peace at the local, national and/or international levels. See the award recipients on the QLD branch pages.

In 2015, as part of its centenary celebrations, WILPF Australia honours four Australian women as Centenary Peacewomen.

Words for Peace (ACT)

The Words for Peace initiative has been developed by ACT Branch members. The project invites young people (from 10 to 18 years old) across the Canberra region to submit poetry, prose, song or drawing on 'what peace means to you'.

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 "There is no way to peace; peace is the way."  
Edith Greene Balch, founding member of WILPF and Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1946.